Klipsch Marine Delivers Power and Performance for 2024 MasterCraft Model Year

Jul 26, 2023

ELKHART, IN. –  The 2024 MasterCraft model year change brings a wave of premium audio upgrades that will exceed the most discerning audiophile’s expectations. When key stakeholders asked for more, Klipsch Marine, engineered, designed, and distributed by ASA Electronics, LLC, answered the call. By completely reimagining the possibilities the ceiling has been lifted—every MasterCraft is significantly louder while maintaining exceptional sound quality.

“MasterCraft builds the world’s most premium, innovative, and top-performing towboats thanks in part to working with vendors who share our customer-centric values of excellence,” says Matt McDevitt, MasterCraft Vice President of Global Sales. “Our partnership with Klipsch Marine allows us to confidently deliver the best on-water audio experience. Our mutual dedication to excellence is represented in the latest 2024 audio options, including the new M80 tower speakers.”

Tower – Starting with the crown jewel, the entirely reimagined 8.5” tower speakers now handle twice the power, elevating each speaker to an impressive 200 watts (RMS), and come as standard equipment on all MasterCraft towers – including NXT models. This was accomplished by adding more winding to a new larger voice coil, and modifying the cooling for 200 watts of power – giving the tower speakers more output and projection while maintaining the same reliability and longevity.

Interior – The revamped 8.5” interior speakers, standard on the X and XT series, are a complete transformation from previous models. By rebuilding a great speaker, they were able to focus on richness and clarity by making subtle but significant acoustical changes. New low-end reproduction capabilities allow each speaker to act like a virtual subwoofer. Backed by a 60% increase in continuous power handling compared to others in their size range and utilizing Bongiovi DPS control, you can maximize the system across all frequencies for optimal balance and enjoyment with speakers that can perform at max level without failure.

Subwoofers – The market asked for a gut-punching deep bass, and the redesigned 10.8” subwoofer delivers. New for NXT models; a dual sub-option is available. After fourteen months of testing and measuring, the optimal locations were selected. By strategically placing the new subwoofers in specific areas of the cockpit, the gains measured an astounding 1.5 times the bass output compared to the addition of another subwoofer alone. Now every space of the boat can feel the music, even while underway.

Cockpit – With the captain in mind, the new cockpit layout maximizes the additional speaker and creates better distribution with speakers evenly spaced from bow to stern.  A new option, standard on X/XT/NXT models, allows each speaker to receive a dedicated 100 watts (RMS) of power by the addition of two channels of amplification.  Order placement is important for entry to the premium series.

“Indulge in an audio experience with the newly enhanced Klipsch Marine sound system that will leave a lasting impression. Feel the deep, rich, and powerful pulse of the bass from the redesigned speakers and subwoofers; simultaneously, the tower speaker options deliver double the power, which will amplify your enjoyment,” says Matt Wood, VP of the Marine division at ASA Electronics. “Get ready to rediscover the Klipsch sound system, as it redefines your boating experience in a way that deserves recognition.”

Check out the full video walkthrough for all the details. For more information on Klipsch Marine and their products, visit their website at  www.klipschmarine.com.

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